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Hard to Handle: Recyclers reportedly facing crush of cars after C4C

The ramifications of America's. Cash for Clunkers program are still being figured out – which isn't all that surprising given that a total of 700,000 or so sales totaling $2.877 billion were processed in just one month. And besides facing the unfortunate lack of suitable demol

How long will my car (parts) last?

Old-style junkyards have themselves become an endangered species, but catch a glimpse of one, and the impression it leaves is that of decay. Rows of cars, with cataract headlamps and big chrome teeth missing from their grilles, slowly sink into the earth while corrosion returns the metal to a more elemental state. While more ancient vehciles might decompose away to nothingness, modern cars are filled with materials that just won't go away. That's not to say Neff's SHO will be recognizable as any

Sobering Statistics: How long will it take for your car to decompose?

Take a walk through any junkyard in the world and you're likely to come across any number of vehicles that are a mere rusted-out shell of their former selves. That's mostly because sheet metal is thin and, as the outer-most skin of an automobile, takes the brunt of the weather's nastiest beatings. Underneath, it's a different story entirely.

Is it more eco-friendly to keep your old car or buy new?

Here's a question that often comes up when discussing the green automotive scene: Is it more eco-friendly to keep your old car or to buy a new, more fuel efficient model? The answer is, as you may have guessed, very complicated. One way to attack the question is on carbon emissions, and this is the main tack that Scientific American has taken when analyzing the issue. According to SciAm, due to the emi