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Anti-SUV group protests French automakers at Paris Motor Show

Last April, a handful of representatives from European and U.S. groups campaigning for more fuel-efficient cars gathered in Brussels to form what they're calling a global 4x4 campaigns network (or 4x4Network). The purpose of the gathering was to share experiences and knowledge in their common environmental cause and to plan joint action for the future. A couple of the more notable member organizations are Jumpstart Ford from the U.S. and the Alliance Against Urban 4x4s based in the U.K.

Jumpstart Ford coalition has message for new Ford boss

A coalition of environmental groups upset at Bill Ford's leadership at Ford Motor Company issued a statement following the announcment that Allan Mulally will replace Ford as CEO. The message from Sarah Connolly of Rainforest Action Network and Mike Hudema of Global Exchange called on Mulally to deliver on Ford's "broken promises" to wean the company from gas-guzzlers. The two are co-directors of the Jumpstart Ford Campaign, which was launched in 2003 and targets Ford because the EPA ranks Ford