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Charge your car without having to attach jumper cables to another vehicle

This is an essential for any car owner.


If there's anything the recent abundance of zombie programming has taught us, it's that nobody is safe – not even a seemingly indispensable character on The Walking Dead. Oh, and one more thing: zombies are most likely to attack when it seems least likely that they will attack.

Virtually every driver will, at some point, get that sinking feeling that comes when your car doesn't start. Digging out a set of jumper cables to boost a battery is a rite of passage. Jump-starting a car can be a slightly tricky process, though. The positive and negative terminals of the booster and "boostee" need to be connected properly or the battery can be blown up. Which is, you know, sub-optimal. Over the past decade, a number of devices have come out to help ease the battery-jumping proc


Here's what to do, and more important, what not to do

No matter what kind of car you drive, there may come a time when you need to jump start your car or somebody else's car. Learning how to jump start a car is fairly simple as long as you follow several important safety instructions. If you're good at following directions, then jump starting a car is useful information no matter who or where you are.