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Autoblog Minute: Julie Hamp resigns from Toyota

Toyota's Top Female Executive Out Amid Drug Allegations

Embattled former Toyota executive Julie Hamp was released from police custody in Japan following her June drug arrest.

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Julie Hamp Resigns from Toyota | Autoblog Minute

Julie Hamp, Toyota Motor Corporation’s top female executive resigns, amid news of her drug arrest. In the wake of the scandal the Japanese automaker releases a public statement. Autoblog's Mylencia Gillenwaters reports.

Former Toyota exec Julie Hamp released, no charges filed

Police in Japan have released Julie Hamp, Toyota's former chief communications officer, with no charges expected to be filed following her arrest last month.

Former Toyota exec Julie Hamp likely to be released, not charged

Japanese authorities are expected to release former Toyota executive Julie Hamp from custody on July 8, and she may not be charged. Hamp was accused of allegedly attempting to illegally bring Oxycodone pills into the country through the mail.

Julie Hamp leaves Toyota in wake of drug smuggling arrest

After having been arrested for allegedly trying to smuggle Oxycodone into Japan, Julie Hamp has stepped down from her post as Toyota's Chief Communications Officer and most senior female executive.

Japanese police raid Toyota HQ following Hamp arrest

Japanese police reportedly raided Toyota's headquarters today, following the drug-related arrest of global communications boss Julie Hamp last week.

Akio Toyoda backs exec Julie Hamp after drug-related arrest

Akio Toyoda, president of the Japanese automaker that bears his name, is personally backing Julie Hamp, the American businesswoman who was hired to run Toyota's global PR and reports directly to him, after she was arrested by police in Tokyo for the illegal importation of drugs into Japan.

Toyota exec arrested in Japan for violation of drug laws

Toyota Chief Communications Officer Julie Hamp has been arrested in Japan for allegedly being shipped a package of Oxycodone pills. The country's prescription drug laws are much more strict than in the US.

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