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Report: Ford going with LG Chem for lithium ion cells?

A report out of South Korea today is claiming that Ford has signed an exclusive deal with LG Chem to supply lithium ion cells for its future plug-in vehicles. Until now, Ford has worked primarily with Johnson Controls-Saft for its cell supply and the Escape plug-in hybrid test fleet uses batteries from that supplier. In 2009, Ford announced that JCS would be the supplier of batteries for the Transit Connect BEV and the upcoming 2012 plug-in hybri

More details on Ford partner's lithium-ion battery plant in Michigan

Ford's battery partner, Johnson Controls-Saft, recently announced plans to build a lithium-ion battery factory in Holland, Michigan. The batteries will power Ford's upcoming all-EV and plug-in hybrid models: the pure battery electric Transit Connect commercial van in 2

Detroit 2009: Johnson Controls shows off re3 concept

Click above for a gallery of the Johnson Controls re3 concept

Lithium ion battery easily achieves 180,000 miles in testing

While it's true that we have posted before about extraordinary performances turned in by the batteries of A

BMW 7 Series ActiveHybrid to use batteries from Johnson Controls-Saft

BMW's upcoming 7 Series ActiveHybrid (where do they come up with these names, anyway?) will use a 120 volt lithium ion battery pack that will be supplied by Johnson Controls-Saft. That battery will be assembled at the Johnson Controls-Saft production facility in Nersac, France. BMW will place the lithium ion battery in the trunk, while a BMW standard-fare 12 volt Absorbent Glass Ma

Johnson Controls-Saft get $8.2m for batteries, calls money-givers ignorant

Johnson Controls-Saft has been awarded a contract worth some $8.2 million for the development of lithium ion batteries and the associated system that goes into making them an automotive-ready pack. The goal is to find out how feasible the planned push for PHEVs really is. According to Mary Ann Wright, head of the Johnson Controls-Saft joint venture and vice president at GM for John

Frankfurt 2007: More on the Mercedes hybrid using lithium batteries

In our reports on the Mercedes-Benz S400 and S300 Bluetech hybrids we mentioned that the cars use a lithium ion battery. Both of these cars, as well as the C-Class hybrid that Mercedes is displaying at the Frankfurt Motor Show, use a new mild hybrid system. The mild hybrid system was co