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Honda's senior vice president acknowledges that the gasoline internal combustion engine will be the primary source of automotive power for the next 15 to 20 years. In a speech at a Center for Automotive Research seminar (transcribed on AutoSpectator.com), John Mendel was brutally honest about the world's environmental problems and the challenges faced by the auto industry. But Mendel also stressed that success in selling vehicles does not require tradeoffs. He said Honda has always focused on fu

In the same Ward's Auto World article that saw American Honda's John Mendel nix the idea of a Honda full-size pickup, he also took some time to discuss the hot-selling Fit subcompact. Released in the US at the perfect time, the Fit and its gaudy fuel economy numbers have won over customers to the tune of 15,922 since its Spring launch, according to Ward's. Unfortunately, the demand for the hatchback is so high that Honda is looking at supply problems that are throttling back total sales.

As Toyota readies its latest attempt to send a shock through the full-size pickup market with its new, fully-redesigned Tundra, Honda is quite content to stand on the sidelines and watch as the battle royale ensues.