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Richardson: you won't lose your SUV

Salon has an interview with Democratic presidential hopeful Bill Richardson. He is probably the leading candidate on green issues. He talks about a number of things including CAFE, biofuels and electric cars. In contrast to recent statements by John Edwards, Bill says you don't have to give up your SUV. He says "what I'm asking for is not sacrifice, like Americans' wearing sweaters and turning the hea

John Edwards hears it from Jason Vines

Jason Vines, Chrysler's VP of Communications, read about John Edward's comments about SUV buying and just couldn't hold his tongue. Democratic presidential hopeful Edwards let slip during a speech to a labor group that Americans should sacrifice their SUVs in favor of more fuel efficient vehicles. While there are undoubtedly many people out there who have SUVs for their trendiness and perceived indest

Edwards: Americans need to give up their SUVs

Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards has hit an accord (not literally) with the American public, suggesting they should sacrifice SUVs in favor of more fuel-efficient vehicles. Speaking at a forum held by the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, Edwards told the audience that he thinks "Americans are willing to sacrifice" there love of gaz-guzzling SUVs.

Edwards' Plan: 40 MPG Cafe, all cars flex fuel and more

John Edward's biofuel plan has some interesting ideas. Lets take them one by one. First, expansion of an EPA school bus program that hopes to replace diesel with biofuel. 90 percent of school buses run diesel which can easily run biofuel and not spit so much nastiness at the kids. The EPA program has already shown healthy expansion as we've written. It's something everyone can agree on. N

John Edwards calls for Justice Department to investigate gas price gouging

Former Senator and now presidential candidate again John Edwards is trying to make some political hay out of the current high price of gasoline. Edwards dropped by Silicon Valley on Thursday and took aim at the consolidation in the oil industry in the past decade. He laid the blame for high gas prices on companies like ExxonMobil that have merged pretty much without restriction from the anti-trust division of the justice department.