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We Wrap-Up The Latest News About The 'Defeat Device' VW Installed To Deceive EPA

We take a look at today's news items about the Volkswagen diesel deception. There's a lot to keep up on, it turns out.

The SAE International has released the second edition of its Hybrid-Powered Vehicles book, which builds upon the original's exploration of hybrid components, system engineering, design constraints, challenges, and opportunities for hybrid vehicles. It was high time for an update, since the first edition was published way back in 2003 when, if we remember correctly, hybrids were vehicles that used both a horse and a donkey.

Low-cost electric cars are waiting on nothing but a simple battery breakthrough. That's been the long-held opinion of many experts for the last, oh, 50 years or so. Is lithium ion technology the tipping point we've been waiting for all these years? Well, naturally that depends on who you ask.