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Republican Rep. Joe Knollenberg of Michigan is already running for re-election, and part of his campaign is to attack California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger with a billboard that reads, "Arnold to Michigan: Drop Dead." Somehow, this stupid idea is meant to call attention to federal efforts to increase CAFE standards and the impact such a move could have on his district. Knollenberg says politicians have "no understanding of auto manufacturing" and believes he is fighting for the survival of domes

It didn't take long for Michigan's congressional delegation to start poking holes into Pres. Bush's call for increased CAFE requirements. Rep. Joe Knollenberg, writing in the Detroit News, also noted the efforts that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Barbara Boxer are gearing up to push for tougher fuel economy standards. Knollenberg says an "arbitrary" increase in CAFE "would lead to more job cuts and plant closings." He says Detroit automakers have too much invested in trucks that represent