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Jim Press, the president of Chrysler, says every Chrysler will have a hybrid option. This is the broadest pro-hybrid sentiment yet uttered among the big domestic automakers. Press cited new government regulations as the reason behind the hybrid love but he gave no time table laying out when all of this might happen. Jim worked for Toyota, which has said almost the same thing in the past. Chrysler also joins GM in the show of hybrid love; GM plans to aggressively release hybrids in the near term.

Carlists's Lou Ann Hammond was recently part of what seems like a roundtable interview with Jim Press, the chairman and vice president of Chrysler. A four-minute video clip of that interview is now available over on Carlist and shows Press answering questions about the fate of the Two-Mode hybrid system that was once developed General Motors, DaimlerChrysler and BMW. Since the Daimler-Chrysler split, Chrysler has stepped in as partner while Daimler has gone on to focus on diesels. Hammon asks Pr

In a stunning statement of the obvious, Chrysler Co-president Jim Press told Automotive News (subs req'd) that "The Hemi is not the power-train of the future." Given rising fuel prices and new fuel economy requirements, the days of the legendary HEMI are surely numbered, at least in cars and lighter trucks. Over the past decade Chrysler has resurrected the HEMI in many trucks, SUVs and rear wheel drive trucks. But going forward it will undoubtedly be supplanted by smaller, more efficient and mo

In an interview with the Detroit News, new Chrysler Vice-Chairman Jim Press talked about the company's alternative fuel vehicle plans. Press stated that the company expects to offer some kind of alternative drive-train option in every single one of the model lines. The Grand Cherokee already offers a diesel option this year and the Two-Mode Hybrid system is coming to the Durango and Aspen twins next year. Earlier this year, product development boss Frank Klegon also said that the Two-Mode and mi