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REPORT: Jim Press leaving Chrysler by year's end

According to The Wall Street Journal Jim Press, the Chrysler Group LLC Deputy Chief Executive and sole surviving member of pre-bailout/bankruptcy Chrysler will be resigning his post by the end of November. The WSJ quotes three anonymous people close to the plan. When reached for comment, Press only stated, "I don't think anything has been released about management changes." If true, Press's departure will leave Fiat/Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne without any former-Chr

BREAKING: Chrysler 'rejects' 789 dealers nationwide, works to pare network by 25% by June 9

Chrysler has just announced that it will 'reject' some 789 of its dealerships by June 9 as it works to downsize through Chapter 11 bankruptcy restructuring. That represents a 25% cut in its dealer networks, leaving 2,392 Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge dealers to carry on if the automaker is able to successfully emerge from bankruptcy with its new partner, Fiat.

Chrysler's Jim Press talks brand strategy at WAJ this week

Chrysler has unveiled a few plans for the future and, rather than using past successes to carve the path, will adapt its course according to the changing market. While speaking at the recent Western Automotive Journalists' dinner, Chrysler President Jim Press touched on the need to generate brand identity amongst Jeep, Dodge and Chrysler. While each brand currently has a core theme, Jeep – off-road, Dodge – volume and performance, Chrysler – affordable luxury, there have been m

Chrysler exec says all its vehicles will be hybrids

Chrysler president Jim Press saw what hybrid technology did for Toyota, and now the 37-year auto industry vet wants to repeat that success with the Pentastar brands. Press informed attendees at a seminar in New York recently that Chrysler would one day utilize hybrid power in each and every Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep. Of course, the charismatic exec had no timetable for Chrysler's full immersion into the land of hybrid hyperbole, but we would guess that kindergarteners may be ready for college by

BREAKING: Jim Press leaves Toyota for Chrysler!

Despite recently renewing his contract with Chrysler, it's looking more and more like Tom LaSorda's days at the automaker a

Toyota to join the PHEV party

Toyota has dominated the hybrid vehicle market since the introduction of the Prius and there are several plug-in conversions of the pioneering production hybrid on the road. Toyota is now actively working on a production plug-in hybrid. In an interview with Reuters, Toyota NA President Jim Press repeated the same line as other car-makers, that batte

Toyota's Jim Press named Auto Industry Exec of the Year

Jim Press, the president of Toyota Motor North America (TMA), has been announced as the recipient of this year's 2007 Automotive Industry Executive of the Year award, which surprisingly marks the first time (though probably not the last) that a Toyota exec has earned the honor. You may remember last year's recipient was Bill Ford, Jr., who technically no longer holds the position a

New Toyota US president sees bright future for auto industry, Ford and GM

Jim Press, the new president of Toyota Motor Corp. North American, foresees a bright future for the U.S. auto industry. While speaking at the women's business group Inforum in Detroit last week, he pointed out that:

Toyota's North American CEO steps down amidst sexual harassment scandal

Hideaki Otaka will be stepping down from his post as president and CEO of Toyota North America, according to an announcement by the automaker. Taking his place will be Jim Press, who was previously functioning as president of Toyota Motor Sales USA. Picking up the chief executive spot at Toyota N.A. will be Yuki Funo, who is also coming from the automaker's U

A glimpse inside the mind of Toyota USA president Jim Press

Strangely, it was hard to get Jim Press to talk about cars.