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Founder has money troubles but a "dream to revolutionize the auto industry."


But don't worry, he's taking a massive pay cut.

With the company's lofty goals, it was only a matter of time before money became an issue.


Watch out, Tesla!

LeEco shows off the LeSee EV, with autonomous driving and self-parking capabilities.

Porter Harris Heads Out The Door

Chief battery architect Porter Harris leaves Faraday Future for a job with Lotus R&D, which focused on "novel technologies" on earth and in space.


It's A Happy Supercar, But Will It Be A Real One?

LeTV shows off the first sketches of its planned electric car, called Le* Car. Company founder Jia Yueting plans for his luxury offering to compete with Tesla.


Chinese tech billionaire Jia Yueting is trying to get a license to build electric cars in China, and he thinks that they could be a revolution there. Even if Jia doesn't make it, other companies are getting ready to jump into China's emerging EV marketplace.