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UK Parliament comes down on BBC over Jeremy Clarkson

Mark Thompson, director general of the BBC, has been forced to go to bat for Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson after the television host jokingly suggested striking public sector workers should be shot in front of their own families. Ye

Jeremy Clarkson to make cameo appearance on '70s cop show remake

Jeremy Clarkson may show up in a remake of a classic UK cop show. The Top Gear presenter was recently spotted loitering around a Jaguar XF during production of the show Sweeny, and it's thought that Jezza will show up in a minor cameo role. In the original production, Dete

15,000 people want Clarkson as Prime Minister

Jeremy Clarkson has been a staunch critic against, well, almost everything. His weekly editorials at the Times (occasionally peppered with a car review) have given Jezza a mouthpiece to rant and rave against everything from environmental degradation to speed cameras, and he's secured an ardent fan-base while doing so. Some people even take him seriously, which has spawned a page at the Government's Petition website where close to 15,000 people

Clarkson and crew attempt to cross English Channel. Emphasis on attempt

The blokes at Top Gear are in the process of planning their summer return, and last week viewers abroad got a rare glimpse into how the sausage is made.

Enter the (British) rumormill: Clarkson leaving Top Gear?

Our new friend from Down Under, KP, dropped us a link to a post in the online edition of Wheels magazine, which asserts that Clarkson may not return to Top Gear for the next season. The