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There's a question that's sure to be on the minds of many of our devout readers: does the new Jetta TDI come close to the Prius when it comes to fuel mileage? We've had our first impression, and we'll see for ourselves soon enough when we get our hands on a new TDI for a long-term test, but Popular Mechanics has done some of the footwork for us already. In a test that wound its way both through California's inner trenches - the surface streets in LA *shudder* - along with some a good deal of sna

Clean diesel or hybrid drive? It's an intriguing question, and one that's not quite so easy to answer. There's the price of diesel fuel to consider, which runs a few dimes over that of regular gasoline. Then there is fuel mileage. Does the Volkswagen Jetta TDI have a shot at dethroning the Toyota Prius as the undisputed mileage champion of the U.S.? To get a preliminary answer to some of these questions, Popular Mechanics put almost 500 miles on both cars, dividing up their miles between the cit

Lovers of both fuel mileage and torque can finally rest easy; Volkswagen of America is now officially selling its 50-State-approved, clean diesel engine in either the Jetta sedan for $21,990 or Jetta SportWagen wrappers for $23,590. Equipped with the six-speed DSG transmission, both Jetta gets an EPA rating of 29 miles per gallon in the city and 40 on the highway. We expect to see better real-world numbers, though we're a bit wary of VW's advertising its alternate rating of 38/44 -- a number tha

Jeremy, Chris, and Dan push us right up to the cusp of three digits with Autoblog Podcast #99. The topics are wide and varied, such as motorcycles in the Autoblog Garage, the Acura NSX on the 'Ring, and Volkswagen's semi-bogus third-party fuel economy numbers. Some people thought last week's 'cast was too short, so this week, we fill an hour. Now for those of you who think this is too long, we really are trying to please everybody. See you next week for the epic extravaganza of Podcast #100. We'

Volkswagen has just released the official pricing for the new 2009 Jetta TDI and, as promised, the price will be about $2,000 more than the base gas engine. The Jetta TDI will run $21,990 in four-door sedan form and $23,590 in SportWagen style. The TDIs will be equivalent to the SE trim level for the gas-engined cars which is the mid-level setup. The TDI will be available with a choice of either a three-pedal completely manual 6-speed gearbox or two-pedal DSG setup. The DSG also has six forward