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Every so often, we like to remind everybody out there that being green does not necessarily mean that you can't have any fun. Further proof of this concept is this inflatable electric jetski from Icontech. Using a 36 volt battery, the electric motor is capable of cranking out 600 watts, which is not really a great deal of power, making the top speed only around 10 kilometers per hour or so. But, that does mean that the $500 machine is suitable for beginners and in smaller bodies of water. No mil

Here is another one of those oddities that we sometimes show you here at AutoblogGreen. We often write about motorcycles here, so this one seems to fit... sort of. Anyway, what we have here is a mid-eighties Yamaha Virago, one of the first of the Japanese Harley-copies that hit the scene. These are the motorcycles that initiated the term "cruiser" as opposed to just Harley... but enough history.