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A water-powered jetpack may not be new, but it surely is still unique and awesome. And, unlike the Jetlev, this water-powered FlyBoard is actually somewhat affordable.

When your summer involves a water-propelled jet pack, high-speed hydroplanes, and being jumped by a professional wakeboarder while trailing off the back of an all-electric sport boat, it warrants a look back. That's why we brought you TRANSLOGIC 72: Best of Summer 2011. For more info on any of the waterlogged rides seen in our summertime special, check out the In Detail posts below:

Much of the reaction to TRANSLOGIC 62: Jetlev R200 has gone something like "OMG MUST HAVE! Oh, wait, it costs $100K..." True, the cost to own a recreational water jet pack may be prohibitive, but that doesn't mean you'll never get the chance to pilot one. According to Jetlev, the experience of flying an R200 won't be exclusive to the rich and famous. The idea is to make Jetlev flights more widely available via rental agencies located at vacation destinations around the world, with an aim to star