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VIDEO: Jay Leno explains his biodiesel-powered EcoJet, races a private plane

Jay Leno's EcoJet - Click above to watch the video after the break

Top Gear video: how to mess up a perfectly good kayak

How do you take a completely carbon free form of transportation and mess it all up? By strapping a jet engine onto a kayak, and then proceeding to race it against a 4X4 Land Rover... thing! Richard Hammond from Top Gear says that the kayak is rubbish without an engine. The inventor of the machine has kayak'ed down a 65 foot vertical drop, so he is probably the perfect person to pilot a machine such as this one, especially considering that this

Huh, there's something funny about this funny car ...

Sure, all Funny Cars are a bit different. After all, they are so named 'cause they didn't quite look stock, hence the name "funny", according to the great and all-knowing Wiki. But, this one is even more strange in that it runs on 100 percent canola-based biodiesel, which enables the machine to travel the good old 1,320 in just 6.4 seconds at 250 mph. That is extremely fast in anyone's book.

Hammond talks about crash, photos of accident released

Much has been said about the horrific crash that occured on September 21st last year in which Top Gear host Richard Hammond nearly lost his life after losing control of the jet car he was driving for a bit on his beloved TV show. Hammond has spoken out today in an article published on the UK's Daily Mirror website. He recalls seeing the accident footage for the first time in the Top Gear offices, w

VIDEO: Hammond's first interview since crash

Despite the fact that doctors predicted he would be in the hospital for 15 months, Richard Hammond exited the ER after only a couple of weeks following his horrific accident involving a jet car that he lost control of at over 300 mph. Last Friday Hammond gave his first interview on Brit Jonathan Ross's talk show, which we've assembled here for you after the jump. The interview comes in two parts and totals around 15 minutes.

Jay Leno shares making of the EcoJet

Jay Leno is giving a behind-the-scenes look at how the EcoJet came about. On Leno's web site, a four minute film shows Leno and Ed Wellburn, GM vice president of global design, discussing the design process of the jet-powered car. A gallery of photos taken during the car's construction document the development from scale model to SEMA-ready.