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In Detail: Gibbs Quadski

Some combinations are better than the sum of their parts. It worked out well for peanut butter and chocolate, but that combo may have been outdone by the Gibbs Quadski, which combines a jet ski with an ATV.

TRANSLOGIC 132: Gibbs Quadski

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Lewis Hamilton jet ski prank causes camera damage

That zany Lewis Hamilton is up to some hijinks once again, recently hamming it up on a pair of jet skis for a television film crew in Monaco with fellow Formula One driver Nico Rosberg. The F1 drivers were supposed to stay far enough away from the camera operators on a stationary boat, but Hamilton came in close, executed a sh

Making the best of it by jet-skiing through the streets after Irene

Hurricane Irene was an impressive storm by every measure. Despite losing some of its ferocity before making landfall, the system brought torrential rains to parts of the country that were already suffering from severely saturated soil. As a result, widespread flooding occurred up and down the east coast. One enterprising soul in Oceanside, NY decided to make the most of the situation by taking his Zach Bowman

Ready for summer? ECO electric jetski is

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Icontech creates an electric inflatable jetski

Every so often, we like to remind everybody out there that being green does not necessarily mean that you can't have any fun. Further proof of this concept is this inflatable electric jetski from Icontech. Using a 36 volt battery, the electric motor is capable of cranking out 600 watts, which is not really a great deal of power, making the top speed only around 10 kilometers per hour or so. But, that does mean that the $500 machine is suitable for beginners and in smaller bodies of water. No mil

Can't decide between your motorcycle or your jet ski? Build two-in-one

Here is another one of those oddities that we sometimes show you here at AutoblogGreen. We often write about motorcycles here, so this one seems to fit... sort of. Anyway, what we have here is a mid-eighties Yamaha Virago, one of the first of the Japanese Harley-copies that hit the scene. These are the motorcycles that initiated the term "cruiser" as opposed to just Harley... but enough history.