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The modern definition of a hybrid vehicle is any single machine with multiple sources of power. Usually, this means one internal combustion engine and one electric motor with batteries. This is again the case with the Biohazard Jet Bike, though its internal combustion engine happens to be a propane-fed turbine engine which spins at up to 112,000 revolutions per minute and produces forty-five pounds of thrust. The electric motor is powered by twenty-four volts of juice and is said to be good for

We're fans of the Honda Ruckus here at AutoblogGreen, as its 50cc four stroke engine combines excellent fuel economy and fairly low emissions. With its cool urban-destroyer styling, knobby tires and ample storage space, the Ruckus makes both a cool vehicle on which to chart out unknown territory and an excellent little runabout. There are plenty of ways to lower the fuel efficiency of the little engine, but few of them make as loud a statement as adding a jet turbine to the back shelf. Sound cra

There's a crazy underground community which focuses on the pulse jet, which history buffs may remember as the powerplant of the German Buzzbombs of World War II. As you could probably guess, the buzz name comes from the sound that the engine makes. As you can see in the video seen here, the buzzing bomb jet engine attached to a retro-style bicycle frame is capable of moving along quite nicely. We're not so sure that your neighbors would love you as you fired up your jet-powered bicycle for the m