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Like Jerry Flint says, behind every good hybrid is an internal combustion engine

ForbesAutos.com columnist Jerry Flint doesn't think automakers will give up on gas or diesel engines quickly, simply because technology keeps making them better.

Acquisition and mergers and joint ventures, oh my!

Forbes automotive columnist Jerry Flint provides a history lesson of various automotive couplings and even triads to illustrate that while a few have been beneficial to one or (rarely) all parties, most fall flat on their faces. None, however, are easy for any of the parties, successful or not.

Jerry Flint on Mazda: Who's Zoom-Zoomin' who?

Automotive curmudgeon critic Jerry Flint puts Mazda in his crosshairs for his latest column, Backstreet Driver. He addresses what is a well-known issue about the automaker: There has been no growth in Mazda sales for over a decade.

Hyundai and Kia headed for a fall?

Hyundai and Kia Motors are in the fast lane among the major automakers. In the U.S. alone, their combined sales were four times greater than their sales a mere seven years ago. The new Hyundai Sonata is garnering rave reviews among customers and the press. What's more, with Ford and GM pulling away from the minivan segment, the new Kia Sedona (pictured) is looking to secure another piece of the automotive pie. Across the Pond, Hyundai is beating Honda in Europe in sales, all of which has autodom

Is D-I-Y wrenching D-O-A?

Jerry Flint and Doug Flint - two automotive pundits that we've spoken of here many times before - team up as father and son and tackle the topic of do-it-yourself auto maintenance in the elder Flint's recent column.