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Iacocca to pen new book, address auto industry

Retired Chrysler chairman (and Snoop Dogg homey) Lee Iacocca will be releasing a book in approximately one year, tentatively titled "Where Have All the Leaders Gone?". It's said to cover several topics, among them the state of the American auto industry and the threat that the US manufacturing economy faces from China and India.

Bank feels GM situation getting worse, not better

Banc of America official Ronald Talross feels that General Motors' financial picture is actually worsening, based on a meeting last week with GM CFO Fritz Henderson. While Talross claims to have been impressed with Henderson's straightforward approach, it is said that there were "no original solutions" presented with regard to GM's slipping market share, and that without a "silver bullet" solution to this problem, the automaker's stock price should resume

GM defends HUMMER, Saab brands

In its report on first-quarter worldwide sales, General Motors made a point of highlighting the success of HUMMER and Saab as part of its 4.4 percent growth overall. The two brands have attracted criticism in recent months, notably from board member Jerry York who suggested in January that the company dump both marques.

Jerry York: Saab, Hummer good for GM after all

Tracinda's Jerry York appears to have changed his tune about what General Motors needs to do in order to get back on track, according to Bob Lutz. Kirk Kerkorian's right-hand man made headlines in January, calling for GM to axe Saab and possibly HUMMER to focus on the automaker's core brands... but now, Lutz says, York acknowledges that he spoke too soon.