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Report: No diesel Jeep Wranger for North America

2010 Jeep Wrangler Mountain – Click above for high-res image gallery

Toledo Jeep liquidating 158 2.8L diesel engines, bid now!

Owners of Jeep Libertys equipped with the late 2.8L four cylinder turbo diesel engine may now have the chance to pick up a spare engine at what will likely be a rock bottom price. In fact, why stop at just one when there are 158 engines available at auction? That's right, the Jeep factory in Toledo, Ohio has got a surplus of unused engines just sitting on pallets collecting dust. We all know how much Chrysler could use the extra cash right about now, so the extra engines have got to go. Prospect

Jeep to offer diesel engine retrofit kit using 2.8 CRD four cylinder?

When Jeep cancelled the diesel engine option for the Liberty, there was great wailing and gnashing of teeth, at least from the scribes here at AutoblogGreen. The diesel engine option was actually a bit of a surprise hit for Chrysler, and there is still a market of offroaders clamoring for the eng

New York Preview: 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel

Click on the photo for a high-res gallery of the 2008 Grand Cherokee

Jeep launches the Grand Cherokee CRD at $38,475

Today at the Washington DC Auto Show, Chrysler finally announced the pricing and availability of the new Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD. Their first "full sized" diesel will go on sale in March and range from $38,475 for the 4x2 Limited model to $45,395 for the 4x4 Overland. Diesel powered Grand Cherokees have been available in Europe for many years but this is the first time you could buy one in the US market. Unlike the VM Motori engine previously offered in the Liberty, this 3.0L V-6 is built by Mer

Jeep Compass' new marketing campaign highlights fuel efficiency

If you still can't get over the cancellation of the diesel Jeep Liberty, perhaps this news will cheer you up a little. Jeep is advertising its new 2007 Compass as a fuel-efficient alternative to SUVs and is targeting non-traditional Jeep buyers. The 2007 Compass gets 30 mpg and will be driven by nothing but bobbleheads (at least, that's the world the commercials will portray). You can kind of feel the youth mark