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No other brand is as patriotic as Jeep, boasting the WWII-era General Purpose military vehicle that helped win the war for the Allies. As it stands, current Jeeps are all U.S. made, with the Grand Cherokee and Commander hailing from the Detroit area, the Wrangler and Liberty being assembled in Toledo, Ohio and the Patriot and Compass coming from Illinois. That all seems set to change, though, as rumors swirl regarding India's Argentum Motors being tapped to build some of the SUVs abroad. Before

The key to Chrysler LLC remaining as one of the Detroit automakers could turn out to be the rest of the world. Reuters reports that Chrysler has been chatting up both Tata Motors and Fiat as a means of survival. A deal with Tata might see the evergreen Jeep Wrangler being proffered in India by Tata, as well as the possibility of an electric vehicle partnership. The EV deal might be centered around an electron-motivated version of Tata's Ace, and those talks are running concurrently with whatever

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