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Ridehailing App, Sharing Economy Rapidly Becoming Political

NYC mayor Bill de Blasio will not debate with Uber, saying that he doesn't do that with private corporations. Elsewhere, Uber is fast becoming political.

U.S. Congress has voted to protect the domestic ethanol industry and extend the secondary tariff of 54 cents per gallon on imported ethanol. The American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) praised the move saying that secondary tariff, which is now in place until January 1, 2009, will ensure continued growth and investment in the domestic ethanol industry. Ethanol currently attracts a 51 cent per gallon blender's credit no matter the country of origin.

Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush, has seen the light and it comes in the form of a biofuel. The St. Petersburg Times reports that after reading a paper written by Mario Fernandez, a former sugar trader from Key Biscayne, Gov. Bush has seemingly become one of the nation's foremost advocates of ethanol. In an interview, he said, "This one was one of those light bulb deals for me."