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According to a survey by J. D. Power, three out of four potential car buyers are interested in hybrid technology for their next vehicle. However, they didn't like the technology that much. When they learned about its cost. up to a $5,000 premium, depending on model, interest dropped down to 46 percent. Hybrid powertrains were considered the 5th most interesting technology when prices was not mentioned. With a price tag atached, the fuel-saving feature droped down to the 8th position. And what ab

Michael Williams is a bold man. It's not because he wears a bow tie and cowboy boots; it's because he will publicly say he's a good friend of the President. Not many people around who will admit to being tight with George Bush these days. Williams, who is the chairman of the Railroad Commission of Texas, revealed this and many other things during his speech to the AFVI Expo crowd during fleet day last week about the power of propane as an alternative fuel. Now, why would the Railroad Commission