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Challenge X teams swing by Jay Leno's garage

Last spring we provided a bunch of coverage of Year Three of GM's Challenge X program. Challenge X is a GM-sponsored student competition where teams from universities all around North America use the company's global development process to convert a Chevrolet Equinox into a vehicle with some sort of alternative powertrain. The goal is for the teams to produce the most efficient vehicle while still meeting customer expectations for performance and

Jay Leno samples the plug-in Ford Escape Hybrid

Tonight Show host Jay Leno has gotten attention lately for his cooperation with GM on the turbine powered EcoJet concept last year and more recently an E85-powered Corvette. Leno has always had an interest in alternative power-trains and this week he got to sample one of the first plug-in hybrid

SEMA 2007: Jay Leno's new E85 C6RS Corvette

Click on Jay's super-Vette for a high-res gallery

Chevrolet to feature E85 power at SEMA 2007

At the 2006 SEMA show in Las Vegas GM made a big splash with the turbine-powered EcoJet concept that they built for some guy named Leno. SEMA is coming up again next week and this time they are reiterating the ethanol message with two of the cars they are showing. First up they have another occupant for Jay Leno's massive garage in the form of an E85-powered Corvette Z06. No messing with

Jay Leno adds a BMW Hydrogen 7 to his mega-garage

The latest celebrity to get a set of keys to a BMW Hydrogen 7 is well-known car enthusiast Jay Leno (apparently he's on some TV show as well). Last year Leno worked with a GM design studio to build the biodiesel fueled, turbine-powered EcoJet. Leno claims to have transformed his 20,000 sq.ft garage into a "green garage" that provides its own power via 19th century steam and natural gas