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Except in Europe, Toyota has shown little interest in diesel powerplants for anything but the Land Cruiser. Toyota even canceled plans to add a diesel engine to the U.S. Tundra pickup truck. But, a division of Toyota is currently in negotiations with the Philippine government for an investment in a jatropha plantation and biodiesel refinery.

Yeah, I know that some people make their own biodiesel, sometimes using fresh new vegetable oil and other times using used deep fryer oil. But, I personally don't know anybody who actually grows their own crop, mashes up the seeds and uses the oils to make biofuel. I still don't, because I don't know the author of this post here, but I digress. The seeds that he is starting with are Jatropha seeds, which he sourced on eBay from outside the country. He lists the reasons that he chose that plant o