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Proof That An Impressive Sport Sedan Doesn't Need To Burn Dead Dino Juice

Tesla Model S – Click above for high-res image gallery

Click above to view enhanced version of Tesla Model S teaser

Click above to view enhanced version of Tesla Model S teaser

A bit of an online dust up has sprung up between the New York Times' Randall Stross and Jason Calacanis. Stross published a column the other day opposing Tesla Motors' application for low interest loans from the Department of Energy under the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Incentive Program (ATVM). That money would be used to fund development of the Model S sedan and construct the factory to build it. This is exactly the kind of thing that program was designed to fund. Calacanis, as a

Click above for high-res image gallery of Jason's Tesla Roadster

The erstwhile and undisputed co-founder of Weblogs Inc. (parent of this here site), Jason Calacanis, revealed some time ago that he had placed an order for a Tesla Roadster. At the time he had missed out on the opportunity to purchase one of the first 100 Signature series cars. Those are the cars that come after the 25 Founders series cars. The buyers of the Signature series cars had to pay up in full in advance. Following Jason's recent opportunity to borrow Chairman Elon Musk's #1 Roadster, Ja

That's Jason at the wheel - Photos by CK Sample III

Tesla Motors opened its first retail store the other day and held a party to celebrate the event. Of course we all couldn't attend but thanks to 21st century technology, videos were taken on cell phones and streamed live across the internets for all to see via Qik. In fact, they are still on the internets and we have some after the break. Jason Calacanis of Weblogs fame shot the first featured moving pictures while Jeff Macpherson from Tiki Bar TV shot some clips as well. So go ahead and have so