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More From Japan: Dream Factory Blow and Kei Cars

Some automotive topics require a sort of detached objectivity and other are just so cool you can't help but cheer out loud and stare like a 15-year-old boy on a Brazilian beach. Dream Factory Blow look-alikes are definitely the latter. In Translogic Episode 9.1, we take a look at these reinventions of classic American vans and trucks.

Honda Insight first-ever hybrid to become Japan's #1 selling auto

2010 Honda Insight - Click above for high-res image gallery

Youth in Asia: Japanese sales plunge as young people abandon cars

Japan's car sales are declining, just like they are in most countries. But unlike other markets, auto sales in Japan won't be recovering anytime soon. The sales outlook is so bleak, in fact, that the Japanese automakers even have a word for it: "kuruma banare," or "demotorization." While it may sound more like "kuruma bizarre" to us car-obsessed types, kids in Japan are much more interested in the latest electronic gadgetry than they are with cars, and many have no intention on ever owning an au

Bolivia bans most imports to... curb traffic?

Outside of a Terry Gilliam film, where else can you see a used car blessing ceremony, a city of one million people with 535 different public bus routes, roadblocks set up by car mechanics, and kids dressed in zebra suits patrolling crosswalks? Bolivia, that's where. The South American nation, attempting to halt an explosion of automobile buying that's clogging their limited road network, has banned importing used cars more than five years old.

Kim Jong-il bans Japanese cars in North Korea

If one of us were a bat-crazy dictator, we'd have all sorts of fun issuing nonsensical edicts and impossible-to-follow commands like "Increase the day to 32 hours!" "Make the toilet water flush clockwise!" "Upgrade my computer to Windows Vista!!!" Stuff like that is why we love to hate Kim Jong-il. The North Korean dictator recently decreed that from henceforth all cars of Japanese descent shall be banished from his land. The edict was issued back on January 1st and is thought to be in response