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Zerosports is filing for voluntary bankruptcy after its 3.5 billion yen ($42.5 million U.S. at today's rates) contract to build 1,030 electric delivery vehicles for Japan Post was canceled. The electric vehicle (EV) builder claims it had agreed to make changes to the original specs of the delivery truck and, as a result, was late delivering the initial 30 units in January. Japan Post used the delay as a reason to cancel the agreement, leaving Zerosports holding the development-cost mailbag, so t

The Japan Post Service Co. hopes to green up its mail service with the addition of 1,000 Fuji Heavy minivehicles converted over to electric drive. The vehicles come packed with a lithium-ion batteries and the usual host of motors and high-tech controllers found in electric vehicles (EVs). The Japan Post will utilize the battery-powered vehicles for mail collection and delivery.

For those of you that like to collect memorabilia related to electric vehicles or simply like to collect stamps, Nissan and the Japanese post office have a deal for you. Starting February 1, a limited edition sheet of postage stamps chronicling the history of Nissan's electric vehicle development from 1947 until today will be available at 954 post offices around Japan. The sheet of 10 ¥80 stamps will run ¥1,200 (about $13.34 U.S. as this is written).

When the price of oil was soaring last summer Japan Post said it would switch its fleet over to electric vehicles as soon as possible. It's not a little over a year later and this change is starting to take place. By the end of July, Japan Post should have started 5-year lease programs for 20 Mitsubishi i MiEVs and 20 Subaru Stellas. Most of these cars will be based in Kanagawa Prefecture where there is already some amount of recharging infrastructure.

Subaru's electric kei car, the Stella plug-in, is about to be introduced at the G8 summit in Hokkaido. When the initial release went out, it was said that five cars would be built, four of which would shuttle various dignitaries around the summit while the last one would sit on display. According to a report on Just-Auto (sub. req'd), though, there is yet another vehicle which will be delivered to Japan Post. You may recall that the Japanese mail delivery service had recently announced that it w

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