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Report: Jaguar F-Type gets the greenlight

Jaguar F-Type concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

Report: Jaguar/Land Rover to cut from six platforms to two

Jaguar and Land Rover have been getting closer and closer. The two British luxury marques that once might have competed for the same customers now find themselves under the same Tata-constructed roof. And in the process they've begun sharing parts as big as engines. But you'd figure with Jaguars bound to the road and Land Rovers excelling off the beaten path, they couldn't possibly share so

Jaguar-Land Rover joins low carbon vehicle partnership

Jaguar-Land Rover has joined up with a new low carbon vehicle partnership to research and test concepts to cut fuel consumption. The £29 million project is being funded by the automaker, six partner companies, Advantage West Midlands and the European Regional Development Fund. One of the key elements to improving efficiency will be improving the electronic management of the powertrai

Williams stops hybrid KERS development for F1, focuses on non-motorsport applications

The hybrid drive development unit of the Williams Formula One team has decided to stop working on its Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) for the team. Instead, the Williams Hybrid Power (WHP) division will target the flywheel electric KERS at road going applications. In spite of ending the system's motorsports development, WHP has actually doubled the size of its staff as it has adjusted.

REPORT: Ex-Opel chief Carl-Peter Forster may take over at Jaguar-Land Rover

It appears that outgoing Opel chief Carl-Peter Forster may have already lined up a new gig for himself. According to The Times of London, Forster will become an employee of Tata Motors and take the top job at Jaguar-Land Rover. If this appointment comes through, it will be something of a homecoming for Forster who was born and raised in London. Additionally, Forster also ran production at BMW when it owned the late Rover Group.

Tata confirms closing of Jaguar or Land Rover plant

When the economy gets dinged, luxury vehicles gets massive dents. Jaguar and Land Rover haven't been the most profitable aut for a while, and parent company Tata is studying which of two plants it would shut to try and stem some of the losses; Solihull or Castle Bromwich.

Tata considers more Jaguar/Land Rover cuts after massive loss

2010 Land Rover LR4 – Click above for high-res image gallery

Jaguar working on KERS hybrid system

Future vehicles from Jaguar Land Rover could use a flywheel-based hybrid powertrain now that the automaker is reportedly working with British transmission specialist Torotrak, the same company that helped develop the KERS hybrid system that's currently being tested in Formula 1 racing. Most hybrid vehicles recapture energy that would normally be lost to braking by using the electric motor(s) as a generator, sending power back to the batteries. In

Spy Shots: updated Range Rover Sport to join facelifted, Jag-engined Landies

Reports indicate that Land Rover is planning to facelift nearly its entire range later this year, including refreshed versions of the LR3, Range Rover and Range Rover Sport. Spy shots of the latter's test mules indicate that the updated luxury off-roaders will be distinguished by modest revisions to the bumpers, grille and headlamps, in addition to refreshed interiors.

Jaguar and Land Rover cut 450 jobs

Click above for high-res image gallery of the 2010 Jaguar XFR

Jaguar and Land Rover hiring 600 to cut CO2 emissions

Now that Jaguar and Land Rover are no longer part of the Ford family, they can't rely on the engineers in Dearborn to provide them with technology they need to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. The new owners from Tata also don't have that expertise in house. With CO2 emissions limits coming to Europe, Jaguar and Land Rover are in the process of hiring 600 people, many of whom will be engineers with the knowledge required to develop hybrid and electric drive systems as well as ot

Officially Official: Tata buys Jaguar Land Rover for $2.3 billion

Ford has issued a press release confirming that it has sold both Jaguar and Land Rover to Tata Motors for an approximate price of $2.3 billion, which comes under some numbers as high as $2.65 billion that were being tossed around yesterday. The rumor that Ford will contribute to pension funds associated with the brands is also true, as it confirmed that $600 million will be dropped into

Jaguar can borrow Land Rover labor for XF launch

click above image for high-res gallery of 2009 Jaguar XF