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The Jaguar XKR is a sultry beast, but no one is going around calling the low-slung sports car in icon of the industry. That tag is still reserved for the similarly slinky E-Type. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the vehicle, and over the past half-century, its long nose and rounded hips have grown to become unmistakable. Could Jaguar release a direct successor to its legendary racer? One Turkish designer certainly thinks so. Using the dimensions of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG as a guidepost

There's a pretty hefty rumor claiming Jaguar is aiming to take on the BMW 3 Series with a new mid-sized fighter of its own. According to Auto Express, the suits at the big cat's parent company, Tata, have already given the project the go-ahead. The new machine will serve as a suitable replacement for the long-dead X-Type and sit below the XF in the Jaguar chain of command. Beyond that, there are few details in terms of what to expect if and when it hits production.