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Not long ago, we relayed word from Edmunds that Jaguar was planning to split its next-generation XJ sedan into two bodystyles – one model that continued the ambitious design approach fostered with the current X351-based model, and another, more upright model to better appeal to China's conservative design sensibilities.

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Tata has its eyes on China. The Indian automaker has announced plans to build up to 40,000 Jaguar and Land Rover models in the People 's Republic as part of its plan to target emerging markets. So far, there's no word on exactly when Tata plans to open the doors on new production facilities or exactly where the factories will be located, but it's clear that the company wants a taste of all of the new money cropping up in China as wealth continues to migrate from the West.

The fastest growing automotive segment in China is the luxury market, where sales soared 24% in the first eight months of 2006. Asia Times reports that Jaguar sales in China were up 220% in 2005, while Land Rover is up 107%. China is the third largest consumer of Rollers, behind the U.S. and Britain. Recently at the Beijing Auto Show, Rolls Royce sold their Phantom display for $838,681. Volvo CEO Fredrik Arp has said that in five years, he expects China's luxury car sales will grow at an annual