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Jaguar's Callum refutes two XJ bodystyle rumor

Not long ago, we relayed word from Edmunds that Jaguar was planning to split its next-generation XJ sedan into two bodystyles – one model that continued the ambitious design approach fostered with the current X351-based model, and another, more upright model to better appeal to China's conservative design sensibilities.

Land Rover to launch production in India

Land Rover Defender – Click above for high-res image gallery

Chinese demand for premium marques sky high

The fastest growing automotive segment in China is the luxury market, where sales soared 24% in the first eight months of 2006. Asia Times reports that Jaguar sales in China were up 220% in 2005, while Land Rover is up 107%. China is the third largest consumer of Rollers, behind the U.S. and Britain. Recently at the Beijing Auto Show, Rolls Royce sold their Phantom display for $838,681. Chris Tutor