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VIDEO: Top Gear pits Jaguar XFR against BMW M5

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2010 Jaguar XJ: We get hands-on with Coventry's new big cat

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Jaguar officially announces XKR Goodwood Special... in lime green

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First Drive: 2010 Jaguar XFR, XKR and one of the best V8s on the market

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2010 Jaguar XJ to debut in July, on sale in September December

We're in the South of France getting ready to drive Jaguar's new XFR and XKR sports models, and Mike O'Driscoll, Jaguar's managing director, has just confirmed that to us that the long-awaited Jaguar XJ successor will debut this July, with sales beginning in December.

Rumormill: Jaguar XF Estate headed to Frankfurt

The Jaguar XF has gotten off to a strong sales start, and with a tempting new diesel engine option in Europe and a new "R" performance model, the sport sedan is being asked to carry a lot of water

Detroit 2009: Faster Pussycat - Jaguar XFR pounces on Bonneville, hits 225 mph!

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Detroit Preview: Jaguar XFR arrives early

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Rendered Speculation? Jaguar XF Coupe breaks cover

Hello Kitty, we've been expecting you. According to Auto Express, what you see here is slated to hit showrooms in 2010 and will go up against such luxury and performance stalwarts as the Mercedes-Benz C Class Coupe, BMW's 3 Series Coupe and the Audi A5. It's definitely got the looks to compete on equal footing, with the trendy high belt-line and minimal glass surface area. Where the XF s

Jaguar XFR to debut in Detroit

The Jaguar XF has been a shot of adrenaline for the perpetually struggling leaping cat, as sexy lines and ample performance are adding new customers to the brand. We love the balance of the naturally aspirated V8 and the ample bite of its supercharged sibling, but we'll always be agreeable with the prospect of more power. Spy phot

Spy Shots: Jaguar XF-R

As our First Drive suggests, the new Jaguar XF is the most fun you can have behind the wheel of a modern-day Jag, but that doesn't mean that Coventry is resting on its laurels. An XF-R prototype has been spotted undergoing testing and judging by the exterior mods alone, Jaguar has Germany's super sedans set in its sights.

Spy Shots: Jaguar XFR getting ready to bite

In nature, only the lion and tiger are bigger cats than the jaguar, and the spotted feline is quite the predator, as prey learns when the cat's fangs penetrate their skulls. The wild jaguar is also diminishing in number. When you think about it, you can draw a parallel between the beast and the brand named after it.

Spy Shots: Jaguar XF-R prototype caught prowling

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