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There are lots of watchmakers out there leveraging their automotive partnerships with special edition timepieces, but few of them are as convincing as the series Jaeger-LeCoultre produces for Aston Martin. And there are few we'd rather have on our wrists.

Jaeger-LeCoultre AMVOX5 World Chronograph – Click above for high-res image gallery

With a 510 hp V12 under-hood, you wouldn't need any extra motivation to buy an Aston Martin DBS, but the James Bond factor certainly doesn't hurt. So if you're going to be driving 007's ride, you're going to need a Bond-esque watch to go with it. While 007 sports an Omega, Aston Martin's official timekeeper has come out with a watch complete with the kind of high-tech features that would make even Bond take notice.

This is a tourbillon. Nobody needs a tourbillon – it's sort of like the supercar of watches. And nobody really needs a supercar. You can get a rally-tuned all-wheel-drive four-door Japanese family sedan that will get you from A to B just as fast, and with less fuss. Likewise you could get a digital Casio that will tell you the time just as well. What the tourbillon and the exotic supercar have in common is that X-factor that sets it apart from the rest. Fitting, then, that this is no ordin