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Brabham BT62 throws down gauntlet to McLaren Senna

The track-only supercar competition just got a zillion degrees hotter

Brabham Automotive announces its rebirth

With Le Mans winner David Brabham at the helm and a storied history from which to draw.

A brief announcement, plus the expected rumor and innuendo, is all we have to go on.

David Brabham aims for 2016 Le Mans return

Open-Source, Crowdfunded Racing Team Accelerates Development

David Brabham is returning to Le Mans with a new team and an unconventional strategy.

F1 legend Sir Jack Brabham passes away at 88

There have only been about a dozen people who have won multiple Formula One World Championships. Thankfully the lion's share of them are still among us – names like Vettel, Alonso, Hakkinen, Lauda, Noah Joseph

Famed Brabham name poised for return to F1?

A recent report wonders aloud whether the Brabham name is close to a return to Formula One, with family scion David telling a Brazilian outlet "yes, there is the possibility to bring the team back (to F1)." However, the short answer to "Is the Brabham name coming back to Formula One?" is likely "No," and the long answer is likely, "Not for a while."