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Here in Austin, Texas, one of the big sellers of electric-powered two-wheeled vehicles is Alien Scooters. On the floor of the Austin Alt Car Expo, the shop has a large display area full of two-wheeled EVs. Oh, and inflatable aliens.

Yeah, we know you're cool (you're reading AutoblogGreen after all). But are you cool enough to hang with the likes of a certain Ed Begley Jr.? If you can get yourself to Chatsworth, California, Ed, hold the Mister, will available to sign copies of his new book, Living Like Ed, as well as answer any questions you might have about living green and the environment or about being a television superstar.

With no solar cells available to provide juice to the cameras, Ed Begley Jr. hopped on his iZip bike that was hooked it up to a stationary fixture with a 12-volt generator. Our favorite eco-thespian hosted movers and shakers attending the Sundance Film Festival as part of a Project Greenhouse activity. Guests were introduced to a variety of green goodies, like a solar oven that hit 225 degrees in 18-degree weather.

Over the last few months here in Manhattan, I've noticed a slow but seemingly steady increase in sightings of power-assisted bicycles and scooters. Some are mated to an electric motor, others are running on gas, but all appear to be either built from an add-on kit, or the one-off Shelleyan creation of a mad tinkerer. It makes you wonder if there's a void in the transportation market, the market for mopeds.