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Lewis Hamilton wins as Sebastian Vettel spins at Monza

Fifth victory in a row for Mercedes at Monza

Fifth victory in a row for Mercedes at Monza.

F1's Marcus Ericsson walks away from violent crash at Italian Grand Prix

Barrel-rolls several times: 'I don't know what happened there'

Barrel-rolls several times: 'I don't know what happened there.'

Hamilton wins at Monza, takes Formula One lead from Vettel

"Mercedes power is definitely better than Ferrari power," said Hamilton after the race.

Fernando Alonso denies giving McLaren a Honda-or-me ultimatum

He insists something was wrong with his engine last week, but Honda found nothing

He insists something was wrong with his engine last week, but Honda found nothing

Sebastian Vettel risks losing F1 championship lead in Sunday's Italian Grand Prix

The Ferrari driver is only seven points clear of Lewis Hamilton

The Ferrari driver is only seven points clear of Lewis Hamilton.

Brazilian F1 driver Felipe Massa to retire at end of 2016 season

The 35-year old Brazilian hangs up his helmet after 14 years in F1.

Since entering F1, Massa competed in 242 races and won 11.

Imola vs. Monza feud escalates over Italian GP bid

Imola isn't happy with the Italian motorsport authority. So it's suing.

Imola signs agreement with Ecclestone for Italian GP

The tiny land-locked principality of San Marino could see F1 racing again.

​2015 Italian Grand Prix is smoke, mirrors, stalls, and stewards

Autoblog recaps the 2015 Italian Formula One Grand Prix, which featured all kinds of drama at the start and the finish, not so much in the middle.

Monza in jeopardy as Italian senate rejects bailout plan

The Autodromo Nazionale Monza has been a mainstay of Formula One since its inception, but if it doesn't get the funding it needs, it could find itself in serious trouble - and lose the Italian Grand Prix in the process.

Race Recap: 2014 Italian Grand Prix goes heavy on rescue and recovery

In the two weeks it's taken Formula One to move from Belgium to Italy, fleet-footed rumor has outrun the driver transfer market – Fernando Alonso can't issue enough denials of a departure from Ferrari, McLaren

Monza's Parabolica paved over

There are a handful of corners whose notoriety arguably matches that of the track of which it is part. Like the Corkscrew at Laguna Seca, the Karussel at the Nürburgring or Eau Rouge at Spa. But it seems that one of them is unfortunately being diluted.

Race Recap: 2013 Italian Grand Prix is mistakes, gremlins and metronomes [spoilers]

The low-downforce, 5.793-kilometer circuit in Monza, Italy is known as the Temple of Speed, but only a few of the qualifying performances would have clued you into it. Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber in the Infiniti Red Bull Racing chassis' lined up first and second, and it didn't seem like Vettel had to work to

Taming Monza at the 2012 Italian Grand Prix [spoilers]

F1 tracks come and F1 tracks go, but F1 wouldn't be F1 without Monza. It's one of the oldest circuits on the grand prix calendar, and also one of the fastest. It has the chicanes and hairpins and long straights that make it one of the most exciting tracks in the sport. It's also the spiritual home of motor racing in Italy, which despite a dearth of drivers currently in the series, remains one of the most ardent fan bases for Formula One in the entire world. So with twelve out of twenty races com

2011 Italian Grand Prix put the pedal to the metal [spoilers]

Over the last five years, four different drivers have won the Italian Grand Prix. All of them were on the grid for this year's race. In fact, if you go back for ten, the only Monza winner who isn't still in F1 is Juan Pablo Montoya, long since departed for the heavier machines and banked ovals of NASCAR. There's just something about the tra

Ken Blocked: Rally driver too big for F1 car

Ken Block was prepared to suit up for some seat time in Pirelli's Toyota TF109 Formula One test car. Problem is, the car wasn't prepared to suit Block. The man is too large for the seat, which typically holds diminutive F1 pilots. No, he's not too fat, Block is just too tall to fit inside the car.