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In reporting on a $350 million funding round for Better Place, we said that we doubted another automaker besides Nissan-Renault is building vehicles that would work with the company's battery-swapping system. Might a report in Globes prove us wrong? According to the Israeli business news site, the "Chinese media" has disclosed that the Chery-Quantum joint venture (a 50 percent stake of which is held by Israel Corp., Better Place's chief investor) is designing a compact electric jeep at a studio

Less than two weeks after Chery unveiled its first electric car (above) comes news that the joint venture the Chinese car maker has with Israel Corporation Ltd. is set to speed up. The holding company belonging to the Ofer family, which has $100 million or so invested in Better Place, has said that, although it will pare down its investment, it will also speed things up. When we had reported about the deal a little over a year ago it was "only" worth $225 million but apparently it had grown to $

Israel Corp plans to invest $100m in a new electric car. They will own 33 percent of the venture, which will have a total initial investment of $200m. The face on this deal is Shai Agassi, blogger, who also has had a little job (he says sarcastically) heading SAP, the world's largest business software company. He has had a few things to say about electric cars. Here are some quotes from a speech he made:

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