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New Chinese carmaker Qoros set for 2013 Geneva Motor Show debut

Qoros, the Chinese carmaker that's a joint venture between Chery Automotive and Israel Corporation, has released a couple of teaser images of the small sedan it has planned for next year's Geneva Motor Show. Qoros, a play on the word "chorus," is already almost six years old, and unlike other start-ups we've watched over the years, appears to have spent that time working on a properly vetted automobil

Chery to (finally) invade Europe after 2015

Chinese automakers have had a heck of a time trying to crack the crowded European vehicle market, but Chery is hoping to change that in a few years. Automotive News reports that Chery is hoping to take up shop in Europe sometime after 2015.

Malcolm Bricklin filing a multi-billion RICO lawsuit against Chery Motors

Back in 2004 serial automotive entrepreneur Malcolm Bricklin announced plans to collaborate with "rogue" Chinese automaker Chery Motors to bring new cars to the US market. Chery is referred to as "rogue" because the company never actually got permission from the Chinese government to get into the car business. Needless to say, the deal eventually fell apart when Chery decided to hook up first with Israel Corp and Quantum LLC for a different joint venture which has also yet to come to fruition.

Israel Corp to invest $100m in new electric car

Israel Corp plans to invest $100m in a new electric car. They will own 33 percent of the venture, which will have a total initial investment of $200m. The face on this deal is Shai Agassi, blogger, who also has had a little job (he says sarcastically) heading SAP, the world's largest business software company. He has had a few things to say about electric cars. H