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On Monday, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced it was fining Toyota $16.4 million for failing to recall vehicles due to faulty accelerator pedals in a timely fashion. Toyota has two weeks to either contest or pay the fine, but an e-mail obtained by the Detroit Free Press shows that it may be best for the Japanese automaker to quickly pay the fine and move on.

Over the last several years, Irv Miller has been one of our main sources of answers about Toyota's environmental policies. Not for much longer. Miller has been group vice president of environmental and public affairs for Toyota in North America. However, it appears that Miller and two other U.S. vice presidents will be calling it quits in the next couple of months. Also leaving with Miller are Steve Sturm and Dave Danzer who headed strategic research and product planning respectively.

Toyota's Vice President of communications Irv Miller has published a post on the company blog refuting a recent report that the small fleet of plug-in Priuses is averaging 65 mpg. The small group of converted PHEV Priuses that currently exist in the U.S. are mostly being used for demonstration purposes at auto shows and other events. A few of the cars are being used in university studies including one at University of California-Davis. The current cars all use doubled up nickel metal hydride bat

For some time now, Toyota has been contemplating the creation of a new Prius brand akin to Scion that would be dedicated to hybrid vehicles. This much is acknowledged by Toyota's Group VP for communications, Irv Miller. However a report the other day on Left Lane News that Toyota had decided to move ahead with a Prius brand was apparently premature. In a blog post yesterday, Miller declared unequivocally that the unattributed story was "completely false." At this point no decision has been made

Over at the Toyota Open Road blog, Toyota's American Communications boss Irv Miller has a new post talking about hybrid battery supplies. As we reported yesterday, May sales of the Prius were down 40 percent compared to the previous May. It's not because people suddenly didn't want Priuses anymore, especially with gas at $4/gallon. In fact exactly the opposite is true. So many people have wanted Priuses through the first four months of the year, that there simply weren't any more to be had. Thos

We reported last week on a presentation given by Toyota Executive Vice President Kazuo Okamoto in Japan. One of the slides in that presentation compared series and parallel hybrids and talked about the superiority of parallel as manifested in Toyota's Hybrid Synergy drive. Toyota wasn't able to provide ABG with a text of the presentation, but Irv Miller, the Group VP for Communications at Toyota here in the States, has elaborated over on Toyota's Open Road blog.