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Mazda to relocate its US offices into Irvine's tallest building

Mazda North American Operations is moving to a new headquarters, only it's not leaving Southern California. In fact it's staying right at home in Irvine, where it first moved 30 years ago.

Airplane makes emergency landing on city street

A small plane made an emergency landing in the middle of rush hour traffic on the streets of Irvine, CA last week, much to the surprise of the drivers stuck in traffic.

Tesla updates Model S software as a precaution against unsafe charging

Tesla Motors has maintained that the most recent fire involving one of its Model S electric vehicles isn't the result of a vehicle or battery malfunction, but the company is still addressing the situation with a software fix, according to Green Car Reports. The California-

First US-built BAC Mono headed to Cars & Coffee

Sector111 has announced it will unveil the first US-built BAC Mono at the upcoming Cars and Coffee in Irvine, California. The car was built from a knock-down kit, and Sectior111 says the company's allocation of 2012 Mono units has completely sold out. It's currently taking orders for 2013 models. As you may recall, the single-seat,

FCX Clarity driver in his own words: a sweet ride that's easy to refuel

Honda FCX Clarity - Click above for high-res image gallery

Toyota delivers pair of plug-in Prius to California universities

Leaving no stone unturned when looking at a more efficient future, Toyota has teamed up with the Univerisity of California to further study the viability of plug-in hybrid versions of the Prius. As part of the research, Toyota donated two prototype Prius models modified for plug-in operations to the Institute of Transportation Studies at UC Berkeley and the Advanced Power and Energy Program at UC Irvine. The two university programs will study ways to measure and test fuel economy and emissions,