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Toyota refutes WSJ fuel cell story

Recently the Wall Street Journal published a story claiming that General Motors and Toyota were both backing off on their fuel cell development efforts. It appears that in spite of quotes from GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz and Toyota President Katsuaki Watanabe, fuel cells are still seen as the long term solution for on-board energy generation. Toyota communications boss Irv Miller has a new entry

Toyota still apprehensive about lithium ion in spite of PHEV plans

Last Sunday night, Toyota President Katsuaki Watanabe announced that the company would offer lithium ion equipped plug-in hybrids to fleet customers in two years. Toyota and Panasonic are also doing feasibility studies for an automotive lithium battery production line at their joint venture battery plant. But that should not be interpreted to mean that Toyota feels the technology i

Detroit 2008: Toyota President Katsuaki Watanabe pops in at party with surprise announcements

For the last several years Toyota has held an annual get together following the close of the first day of media previews at the Detroit Auto Show. This year's shin-dig brought with it several surprises. Toyota President Katsuaki Watanabe made an unannounced appearance and delivered about a ten minute address to the gathered crowd of automotive hacks. He reviewed Toyota's commitment to sustainable mobility. Toyota plans to continue developing a variety of advanced technologies including hybrids,

Toyota's Irv Miller jumps into Series-Parallel debate again! Now with new definitions!

Over at the Toyota Open Road Blog, Communications VP Irv Miller has chimed in again on the whole parallel vs series hybrid debate, this time with some fresh definitions. The previous postings have generated quite a bit of commentary both for and against Toyota's position. Miller first refutes some previous claims about a ten-mile range for Volt prototypes. Some commenters had attributed this to Toyota when in fact it originated with a Bloomberg story last summer.