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Long before the first U.S. soldier laid a boot on Iraq soil in the first Gulf War, General Motors planned to build a manufacturing facility in the country. According to The Detroit News, the years since haven't been entirely kind to the automaker's sales efforts in Iraq. That's no shock given America's reputation in the Middle East nation, but its prospects are beginning to look up. Whereas GM once trailed even Renault in sales, the company managed to move 35,000 vehicles last year. Not bad cons

On the ten-year anniversary of the terror attacks of 9/11/01, many people are using the occasion to take stock of how the past decade has changed us (The Onion nails it, again). Over the last ten years, we have debated, sometimes heatedly, what the appropriate response should have been to those attacks, but a military response was pretty much inevitable. Today, there's no denying that thousands of soldiers are still deployed to the Middle East because of what happened ten years ago. Given the gr