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NYTimes to me (and you): "Global Warming - Fix it!"

The New York Times lead editorial on Saturday, May 5, was very clear. The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) has issued three reports this year. The first, in February, blamed human activity for rising concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The second report, issued in April, warned of weather and ecological disasters unless emissions were brought under control. Sounds pretty dire, doesn't it? Well, the third report has been released and it "asserts that significant pr

Dear ExxonMobil: Royal Society says stop funding climate change denial

Earlier this month the Royal Society, Britain's premier scientific academy, sent a letter (PDF) to Esso, ExxonMobil's U.K. branch, to demand that the oil giant withdraw support for organizations that undermine scientific evidence supporting the theory of global warming. The Royal Society conducted a survey which found that last year, ExxonMobil distributed $2.9 million to 39 of these think tanks an