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Many fatalities as Amtrak train derails, falls onto I-5 near Tacoma

It was making inaugural run on a new high-speed route

New Foxconn plant could spur driverless lanes on I-94 in Wisconsin

The push from Foxconn is part of preparations for a new $10 billion flat-screen factory.

"Where's the autonomous vehicle lane?"

Science flunks experimental font used on interstate signs

Federal Highway Administration Will Return To Using 'Highway Gothic' Font

After an experiment with a new font on interstate road signs, the Federal Highway Administration says its going back to its old look.

Small airplane lands on Idaho interstate during rush hour

A small plane with a single engine that stopped working made a belly landing on a major interstate through Boise at the start of rush-hour traffic Tuesday.

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More than you could ever hope to know about those sound walls that line freeways

Chances are good that unless you're a city planner or traffic engineer, the number of hours – minutes, even – most people think about the history and design of the sound walls lining America's freeways is roughly zero. The concrete or cinderblock structures turn into a blur at high speeds, and they're specifically designed to blend into the background. If drivers don't notice the barriers, then the designers have done their jobs. However, a new piece from Medium digs deep in

White House urges Congress to shore up depleted Highway Trust Fund

The United States Highway Trust Fund is getting closer to running out, and the federal government is scrambling to find a way to keep it in the black. The fund pays for a significant portion of the upkeep for the country's interstates, bridge repairs and some public transportation projects. It's currently backed under a two-year law that expires in September, but Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx claims the actual money in

DOT may mandate speed limiters and 68 mph max for big rigs

With the debate about how to fund the US interstate system already raging, there may be another big highway controversy on the horizon. The US Department of Transportation might slow down some of the vehicles on the nation's roads by mandating speed governors on semi trucks.

Washington opens door to charging interstate tolls

Using America's interstate system could get more expensive in some places in the near future. Provisions in the White House-endorsed, $302 billion transportation bill would allow states to get permission from the federal government to impose tolls on them to raise money for infrastructure upkeep. Of course, some states already charge to drive on the interstates – the New Jersey turnpike, for example – but for the most part charges are rare on the federally funded roads.

Obama's new transportation bill seeks funds to fix infrastructure woes

Prepare for a big political debate about the nation's infrastructure in the coming weeks. The Obama administration has sent a bill covering interstate repair funding for the next four years to Congress. While that might seem somewhat benign, the proposal is likely to prove contentious because it would be partially financed by ending some tax breaks to businesses. This likely won't go over well in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.

50-Vehicle Crash Closes Interstate 80 In Pennsylvania

Officials say 14 were injured, but no deaths reported

A chain-reaction crash involving roughly 50 vehicles on an icy roadway will leave the westbound lanes of Interstate 80 in western Pennsylvania closed until about 10 p.m.

Interstate Closed After Bridge Sags Over River In Wisconsin

Bridge carries Interstate 43 over river into Green Bay

A bridge that carries more than 40,000 cars per day over the Fox River in Green Bay, Wisconsin, has been closed indefinitely after part of the crossing sagged early Wednesday morning.

Police: 14 Illegal Immigrants Fled SUV During Traffic Stop

Police had stopped SUV for tailgating along Interstate 40 in Oklahoma

A routine traffic stop for tailgating along Interstate 40 led to the arrest of 13 suspected illegal immigrants.

Five Roads To Avoid This Thanksgiving Weekend

Traffic expected to be worse than usual around major cities

If you plan on traveling this Thanksgiving, you may want to pad your schedule with extra time. Experts at AAA Auto Club estimate that 43.6 million Americans will be driving more than 50 miles from home this holiday, the fourth straight year the number of travelers has increased.

Georgia Man Speeds Down Interstate With Crying Girlfriend On Hood

Police says incident is 'outrageous' case of domestic abuse

A domestic quarrel turned into something far more frightening Tuesday, when a Georgia man sped down an interstate with his terrified girlfriend trapped on the hood of his car. Investigators said it evolved into a "outrageous case" of domestic abuse.

Out-Of-Control Truck Careens Off Interstate, Slams Into Gas Station

Miraculously, everyone escapes injury in Ohio crash

This could have been a catastrophic accident. Had the tractor trailer barreling down the exit ramp been a few more inches to the right, it could have crushed the SUV in its path instead of side-swiping it. Had it come a few seconds later, it could have plowed into crossing traffic. And had it toppled a few more feet, a gas station could have been a fireball.

Arizona-based GoE3 plans 500 Interstate-adjacent EV chargers by 2015

Add one Arizona company to the list of entities looking to string together a network of electric-vehicle charging stations.

Ohio Turnpike begins accepting credit & debit cards at toll booths

Cruising the Ohio Turnpike is about to get a whole lot easier. Anyone who's ever traveled the highway is probably plenty familiar with the annoyance of having to scrounge for change and small bills to pay at each toll booth. But after holding out for years, the Ohio Turnpike Commission is taking a big step forward. Not only will they now institute the E-Z Pass system already implemented across much of the northeast, but many toll booths will now begin accepting debit and credit cards even if you