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Volvo is completely rethinking its marketing strategy with an approach that it calls the Volvo Way to Market. The revised plan means an increase in the company's advertising budget overall and a totally different way to allocate those funds. The most dramatic shift is the Swedish automaker's decision to begin selling its models online directly to customers worldwide.

Ford has started offering vehicles for direct sale via the internet for United Kingdom customers. Ford conducted its own research and found that almost 40 percent of buyers don't even care about a test drive; they just want what they want with the click of a mouse.

If you've whittled your new car purchase down to a new Chrysler product, you may find yourself using the company's website to learn more about its offerings. When you've picked the car that's right for you, you might then take advantage of the Chrysler website's "Find a dealer near you" link to help, well, find a dealer near you. But the results won't necessarily show you the closest dealer to you, or even the one most likely to have the model you're interested in. What you're going to get is a