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Apparently, all the celebrities that wanted one got one, and so production of International's line of consumer-grade "Extreme Trucks" is coming to an end. Sadly, owners with a need to transport four of their closest friends or family members, along with about twenty tons of their belongings, will need to look elsewhere. Oh, and good luck finding another vehicle with a 25,999 lb. GVWR. So long, sad to see you go. Don't let the door hit you on your way out. Anyway, the reasons for the truck's demi

While I was walking around the Chicago Auto Show today, it occurred to me just how many large trucks, SUVs and gigantic vehicles were in attendance. So, I decided to take pictures of them, and if a fuel mileage estimate were there, I took a shot of that as well. I'm finding it kinda hard to choose which one is really the least green. There were the three International trucks, which make much more sense as semi trucks than daily-drivers. Of course, no non-green list would be complete without ment