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As if they didn't already have enough... Exxon still trying to pay off scientists?

To go along with our previous coverage of the newest report on global warming by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the Guardian in the U.K. is reporting that the American Enterprise Institute is offering $10,000 each to any scientist willing to undermine the I.P.C.C.'s report. The AEI is funded by... drumroll... ExxonMobil.

Is this the be-all, end-all proof of global warming and whether our cars cause it?

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - a group of hundreds of scientists and representatives of 113 governments, formed by the United Nations in 1988, has released their first of four reports on global warming this year. The last set of reports was concluded in 2001. This group of scientists is generally considered "the voice of the world" on global warming. Scientists from the U.S. are included in the group. According to t

Dear ExxonMobil: Royal Society says stop funding climate change denial

Earlier this month the Royal Society, Britain's premier scientific academy, sent a letter (PDF) to Esso, ExxonMobil's U.K. branch, to demand that the oil giant withdraw support for organizations that undermine scientific evidence supporting the theory of global warming. The Royal Society conducted a survey which found that last year, ExxonMobil distributed $2.9 million to 39 of these think tanks an