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The 2011 IntelliChoice and AutoPacific Motorist Choice Awards have been announced, and the Blue Oval took home top honors with Ford and Lincoln vehicles winning in six categories. Last year, Toyota and Lexus grabbed the top nod by securing nine wins over various classes. For 2011, that number fell to five.

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Looking to replace your rusted out Zastava? Buying brand new is a hard pill to swallow when you start to run the numbers. Given the durability of modern powertrains, pretty much any car will make it to 150,000 miles without so much as a whimper, provided you maintain it. Taking that longevity into account, buying used, *ahem* pre-owned, is a great way to stretch what you can get for your budget. We're all aware of the cracks about used car salesmen being shifty-eyed greaseballs upholstered in ho

A new study by Los Angeles-based Intellichoice.com, which specialises in automotive cost-of-ownership data, says that despite higher initial prices, hybrid buyers are still the winners when you factor in costs of financing, fuel, insurance, state taxes and license fees, repairs, maintenance and depreciation. This conclusion is in contrast to previous studies conducted by Consumer Reports and others that have shown that most hybrid owners won't make back the cost differential of their vehicles in

The Civic Hybrid was tops in the Compact Over $16,000 segment while Prius was first in the Midsize Under $21,000 class. Leading the Compact Utility Over $21,000 was Escape Hybrid 2WD and Highlander Hybrid 2WD was crowned in Intermediate Utility Over $29,000.